What You See Is What You Get

You will be amazed: Because, with our online editor NEOSEVEN Layouter, you can design and edit all documents directly in Adobe® InDesign® – unbelievably easily and extraordinarily quickly.

Always know what is going on. Each change in the document is immediately visible on your screen. Regardless of whether it involves catalogues, product information sheets, mailings, brochures or business cards – our server-supported NEOSEVEN Layouter solution platform makes it possible for you to design, correct, translate and release all of your business and marketing materials: CI compliant, location-independent, worldwide. In addition, you can create transparent and smart work flows for all process participants – from the graphic designer to the advertising agency to the translator. The advantages of our web-to-print solution are obvious: Costs, expenses and time are substantially reduced and decisive competitive advantages are realised.

Your Advantages:

  • Online editor to design, edit and produce all documents
  • High-volume print production partially or fully automated
  • Cross-media publishing with a mouse click – browser-based and, therefore, worldwide
  • Creative design with strict adherence to CI rules
  • High level of cost efficiency through the reduction in correction phases and elimination of redundancies
  • Independence from client software, platform and Internet browser
  • Full power of Adobe® InDesign® server software – printable PDFs for proofing