NEOSEVEN Marketing Calendar

Media Production With a Comprehensive View

Making knowledge visible. The NEOSEVEN Marketing Calendar is the most important information source for your marketing management and can be reached via the web browser from anywhere. Regardless of whether during the planning or the implementation of media productions: The Marketing Calendar makes the complex planning for all active projects visible in GANT diagrams. Marketing management simple, quick and reliable.

Information should be no luxury but at your service. NEOSEVEN Marketing Calendar links the integrated tools such as project creation and user management with the work flows and thus ensures automated production. All relevant information which is linked to a campaign or a project can be retrieved, processed or managed via status notifications. As a self-sufficient module, Marketing Calendar can also be operated independently of the NEOSEVEN Solution Platform. Absolutely reliable and universal: All process participants receive the complete overview of the current status or progress on a project regardless of time and location, and thus are always updated to the same extent.

Your Advantage:

  • High-performance marketing system for the effective and comprehensive controlling of marketing communication
  • Help Marketing Managers to increase the efficiency and productivity of their campaigns
  • Transparent campaign planning, implementation and management
  • Complete overview of all active projects in the GANT Diagram
  • Large-scale, fast and user-friendly search function
  • Decentralised and accessible from anywhere via the browser
  • Planning reliability on all levels – regional, national, worldwide