Managing your media.

Today’s communication focuses more and more on their desired audiences. Each target group requires other means of communication to convey the necessary information. However, each of these means of communication should be centrally filled with overlapping information. Sales, marketing, service and advertising partners should be linked to a productive and sustainable unit. Experience shows that we see 5 sectors, who, regardless of their products, have an ideal type of communication:

  • B2B Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • Industrial sales
  • Industrial marketing
  • Media services

For each of these sectors, we see different media and resulting processes of data management and media production design.

B2B Commerce

The communication based on defined agreements and with a comprehensive range of products are widely used in B2B. The exchange of mass data is a common theme.

The core means of communication are:

  • Web shop design with individually defined conditions.
  • The exchange of classified catalogs.
  • Printed catalogs and price lists.

Today’s demands are:

  • Automatic creation at your fingertips with hundreds of pages and additionally in several languages.
  • Shorter publishing cycles.
  • High variety of target groups, regionally or sectorally.
  • Standardized exchange of data on classifications such as GS1, eClass, eTim and other.

These conditions can be implemented economically with NEOSEVEN – far more efficient than with traditional forms of production.

B2C Commerce

In B2C, the promotion data of the products are primarily placed in the foreground. The consumer should be made aware of the contents that are specifically apply for him.

There are several means of communication that we often see in B2C trade.

  • Online shopping platforms.
  • Point of Sale, especially for trading companies with their own shops.
  • E-catalogs for integration into web pages or as downloads for mobile devices.
  • Creation of brochures, e.g. retail.

The requirements for consumers are highly variable.

  • Strong binding to existing CI / CD of the trading company.
  • Flexible design of the content.
  • Recurring design to make productions efficiently.

NEOSEVEN provides efficient handling and individual adjustments in strict compliance with the CI / CD guidelines.

Industrial business with focus on sales

The manufacturing industry has a great need for the use of efficient media production. Communication is via distribution channels – thus the focus can be more added to the sales process.

For the sales process following means of communication are used:

  • Catalogs to explain the products and product structure.
  • Price lists for commercial development.
  • Classified documents for exchange with trading partners.

For these means of communication the following requirements are crucial:

  • Simple mass data maintenance, or interface to the leading system (e.g. ERP).
  • Linking article master data with pictures and advertising texts.
  • Automated creation of final documents.

The design and documentation of sales activities is always at the forefront to ensure the success of a company. In order to allow as many customer contacts, the right materials help in the successful completion.

Industrial business with focus on marketing

The increasing internationalization requires lean and intelligent processes with which you can cope with a global marketing communications efficiently.

For industrial companies in the marketing communications we see the following means of communication.

  • Brochures for individual products or product families.
  • Catalogues for the assortment.
  • Connection to translation systems.
  • Connection to the existing site.

We see the following requirements crucial for this target group.

  • Intuitive operation for creating a rough layout without design skills.
  • Good access to translation systems.
  • Intuitive ability for data maintenance, or if necessary connection to existing systems (ERP, PIM).
  • Compliance with the corporate design.

For the manufacturing industry, it is important to stand out by effectively designed marketing materials from the competition. Also brand recognition is a crucial part of marketing communications.

Media services

Media service providers offer their end customers often the service to take their marketing communications. Based on an existing installation this opens the possibility in addition to the design also to let perform the data management from the media service provider. A once purchased license can be applied for multiple end customers.

The following means of communication are offered by media services:

  • Creation of brochures and commercial print.
  • Campaign planning and tracking.
  • Web to Print for repetitive jobs.
  • Web to Print for freely configurable communication.

The requirements that we see ideally for media service:

  • Flexible system that grows with the number of customers.
  • Efficient collaboration between media providers and consumers.