NEOSEVEN is a highly effective software suite for information management and omnichannel publishing.

Whether catalogue, webshop, flyer or mailing – you always have your product information and media under control.


NEOSEVEN is a modular system whose components fulfil the following core tasks:

  • Information and media management
  • Partially or fully automatic generation of media productions
  • Editorial filling
  • Inspection and approval

Information management

NEOSEVEN combines Product Information Management with Media Asset Management.

Whether marketing or product data, pictures, videos, InDesign documents or many other media files – in NEOSEVEN you have everything at a glance.

Omnichannel publishing

With NEOSEVEN all paths are open to you:

  • Production-ready print data for catalogues, flyers, brochures and more
  • Publication on websites or in webshops
  • Further processing in Web2Print
  • Provision for content management systems
  • Connection to social media channels
  • Outputs to dealers, customers or suppliers

How can NEOSEVEN help?

Perfect the efficiency of your media productions.

Central data storage, automated processes, innovative workflow management…

With NEOSEVEN you simply get more.

Central data management

Redundancies? Different information stands? Adjust prices or product descriptions in the print catalogue, offer flyer and web shop manually? Old picture printed? “Product Image Final New2.tif”?

The past. All information and media are maintained exactly once. All outputs wherever are always up to date.

Don’t waste your time searching or manually adapting many documents. NEOSEVEN helps you to concentrate on the important things.

Automated processes

Create data sheets for several thousand products with just a few clicks? Immediate publication after approval? Automatic notification when an output is ready for approval?

NEOSEVEN relieves you of the time-consuming preparation of mass data and supports your employees in complying with workflows.

Innovative workflow management

NEOSEVEN is much more than information management. Model your workflows intuitively with the unique mind map user interface. Complex structures become easy to grasp and understand for every user. Each work step can be subject to multiple conditions and trigger a wide variety of actions.

And beyond that?


The unique mind map user interface makes complex structures easy to grasp even in information management.

More variety in design

NEOSEVEN gives you time. You can use this time creatively and explore new ways of design.

Flexibility in production

With NEOSEVEN you can easily align your productions to regional, industry or target group specific requirements. Shorten publication cycles. Create production-ready print data in multiple languages at the touch of a button.

Complete consistency

No matter when and in which channel – with NEOSEVEN information and media are always on the same level. Make a change once centrally – every subsequent output is automatically up-to-date.


NEOSEVEN is browser-based – and thus platform-independent and accessible from everywhere.

Open interfaces

NEOSEVEN offers a standardized exchange of data with other leading systems (ERP, PIM, CRM).

Information is valuable

With NEOSEVEN you inevitably build up a centralized information and media stand that can be enriched with a lot of additional information. This data is valuable.

Generate additional profits through controlled access to your data stock.

Open up completely new sales channels by simply providing your data.